This is a carrd created by the coiner of the term agevague.

What is agevague?

Agevague, n. Someone in a system whose age is uncertain, not a fixed number, or not applicable.

Agevague, adj. The state of being plural and at an age that is uncertain, not a fixed number, or not applicable.

Also called age vague or age-vague.

Who can use agevague?

Includes but is not limited to those who:

  • Have had their age impacted by dormancy.

  • Are vaguely at a certain stage of life- like child, teen, or adult.

  • Can not express their age as a set number.

  • Do not age chronologically.

  • Do not age like a human.

  • Are completely ageless.

  • Are age sliders or otherwise experience changing age.

  • Anyone else who feels the term applies.

This term was coined with systems, not singlets, in mind.

When/why was agevague coined?

This term was coined by me in early 2019 following a need to describe my age after coming out of unusually harsh childhood dormancy and as a nonhuman who does not mature at the same rate as humans. It was coined with input from my ageslider friend in-system.

It was mostly used by me and my system on Amino and Discord at the time, mostly "age-vague" before being condensed and because our "-" key didn't work at the time. I don't have any of my early usage of it because I didn't think to screencap it.

I made a coining post in 2020 upon realizing the Blossombot miscredited the coining the term.

Who can't use agevague?

MAPs or AAMs or anything associated with those groups in particular. This was a term coined by a syskid with input from other in-system minors.

I do not want those who identify as "trans-age", altage, demiage, or those who are in related communities, to use it.

The term is mostly intended for systems and I'd rather singlets don't use it.

I still do not condone the use on Pluralpedia, especially being used as a synonym for a term coined by a MAP.

Misc FAQ

Is there a flag?
Not that I know of and I as the coiner at least don't plan to make or use one.

Can agevague people have number age too?
Yes, I usually say I'm 12 for simplicity. Agevague members can have a rough average or range.

Can age sliders use this term?
Yes, it was coined in part with an age slider. The idea they can't is from Blossombot.

Why use agevague?
When you're in a system age can be a hard thing to determine. Unlike singlets, many of us are formed rather than born so age can be hard to determine.

Is this to get around age restrictions?
No. The youngest party involved is priority. If the body is a minor the system shouldn't be going in 18+ spaces,if the fronter is a minor they shouldn't be going in 18+ spaces.

Why can't trans-age use the term?
The term trans-age was popularized and is still used by p*dophiles, MAPs, and AAMs. The community I've seen reinforces unhealthy and dangerous mindsets and behaviors.

Why don't you want the term on Pluralpedia?
Aside from at the time of writing them using it as a synonym of a term coined by a MAP, no one in my system is comfortable with Pluralpedia for many long reasons. Getting the term removed in the first place was also a pain and continuing to host terms by a MAP with no notice feels immoral and uncomfortable.